Drycleaning Services

Let Us Help You Make the Best First Impression!

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.  With drycleaning and laundry services provided by Master Cleaners you can rest assured that you will always look your best.

What is Dry Cleaning?

According to DLI, Drycleaning and Laundry Institute, drycleaning is not completely dry.  Drycleaners use solvents  which contain little or no moisture to clean fabrics and garments.

What makes a Good Dry Cleaner?

Good drycleaning requires much more than the ability to punch buttons and squirt chemicals on someone's garment.  It requires many years of experience and training.  A good drycleaner must pay attention to detail and know how to identify many different types of stains and fabrics in order to choose the correct chemicals to remove the stains without damaging either the fabric or the color.


At Master Cleaners, we have four generations of drycleaning experience and training at work each time a garment is processed.  When customers leave their garments with us, they can rest assured that each item will be:


1.  Digitally Video Recorded from start to finish.

2.  Correctly identified, separated, and pre-spotted.

3.  Professionally cleaned and dried in accordance with manufacturers recommendations.

4.  Thoroughly examined to assure that stains were removed before the finishing process.

5.  Properly finished to a “Like New” appearance.

6.  Carefully inspected to assure proper finishing and the removal of all stains.

7.  Accurately placed back in their order.

8.  Meticulously bagged to keep them looking fresh.

9.  Returned with excellence and integrity.

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